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About Millennial Mom

I was born in 1988, making me a millennial. Millennials are the first generation of tech obsessed people interacting in a more connected way than people ever have before. I've been connecting with people online since Napster was all the rage and your AIM status was also your social status. I started listening to podcasts about 5 years ago, and I'm fully obsessed. I listen on my commutes (planes, trains, automobiles), while I'm getting ready, while I'm working and when I'm falling asleep. I've wanted to produce my own podcast for a few years, but being busy I never did, so here I am being brutally honest about all the trials and tribulations of being a Millennial Mom. From balance work, kids and social life to my thoughts on Vanderpump Rules and 90 day fiance. I hope you enjoy laughing along iwth me at my chaotic life!

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